N4shopping.com requests your personal information (name, telephone, e-mail, etc.) to provide better service to its customers.
This information collected on N4shopping.com servers, periodic campaign work, the editing of special promotional activities for customer profiles and customer “classification” efforts to transmit unsolicited e-mails Only N4shopping.com is used within the body.
The information collected from the N4shopping.com membership forms does not share, or otherwise use, the commercial purpose for any non-activity, for any reason whatsoever, without the notice of such member or any other directive. N4shopping.com interprets the visitor’s movements and preferences by analyzing their e-mail addresses and membership forms during the use of the site, except for any personal information it wants.
This statistical data, which does not contain personal information, can be shared with N4shopping.com partners to provide N4shopping.com customers with a more specific and effective shopping experience. Customer information will only be disclosed to official authorities in case the authorities are required to disclose this information in the Office of the procedure and to the official authorities in accordance with the provisions of the applicable mandated legislation. Customer is able to access all the information that the customer enters into the system and only customer can change this information. It is not possible for someone else to reach this information and change them.